Graphene Xtreme

A Level of Gloss That Will Blow Your Mind

The Next Evolution In Ceramics

Graphene Xtreme provides a level of gloss that will blow your mind. This comprehensive super-sealant amplifies the best aspects of ceramics and can be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with all ceramic offerings from Sonny’s CarWash Chemistry by Diamond Shine.

Graphene Xtreme Lambo

Graphene Xtreme amplifies the Best Aspects of Ceramics

  • Enhanced Level of Protection
  • Increased Hydrophobicity
  • More Water Beading
  • Longer Durability
Graphene Vector Lambo

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Graphene Xtreme Drum Cover

Graphene Xtreme Drum Cover

GrapheneXtreme Diecut Antenna Sign

Graphene Xtreme Diecut Antenna Sign

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