Bullseye™ Delivery System

Easily manage car wash detergent dilution ratios. Deliver consistent cost-per-car and application performance with Diamondshine’s patented Bullseye concentrate car wash chemical system. Our convenient induction-sealed 2.5 gallon containers are safe and maximize storage. Moreover, on-tank rulers make it easy to measure car wash chemistry usage.

Bullseye Features

Accuracy You Can See

Accurate Cost Controls

  • Cost measuring sight tube
  • Instant cost per car analysis
  • Volume scale on tank

Car Wash Safety

  • Sealed Package
  • Zero Contact to Chemical
  • No Lifting Above Waist
  • No Heavy Drums


  • Easy Product Mix
  • No Ultra-Lean Tips
  • Easy Maintenance

Before & AfterTransformations Gallery

Slide the arrows left or right in the images below to see the before and after transformations.

Car wash chemistry Storage

Short on space?

Bullseye™ chemistry maximizes storage space by 500% or more! We recommend unboxing the 2.5 gallon containers and storing them on a rack to make the most of your back room. Over 450 gallons of standard product will fit in the footprint of three 30 gallon drums. Now that’s impressive!

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