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Why Choose Diamond Shine Car wash Chemistry?

Chemistry without compromise.

Accuracy You Can See

Accuracy You
Can See

Diamond Shine Bullseye™ concentrate delivery system is designed with patented on-tank rulers. It takes the guesswork out of measuring your cost-per-car. Each Bullseye storage tank accommodates our convenient and safe induction-sealed 2.5 gallon concentrate containers. In other words, you maximize storage space and reduce costly spills.

Profitable Programs


The Fusion Process™ is designed to give your car wash business a competitive edge. It helps increase your ticket average by turning your top tunnel packages into a can’t-miss customer experience. The Fusion™ process delivers a visibly noticeable hand wax quality shine and paint protection in an online application.

Superior Quality Concentrates

Superior Quality

Diamond Shine’s complete series of premium chemistry is specifically formulated for tunnel car wash systems. It’s manufactured in standard (30gal), 2X (15gal) and Super Bullseye Concentrate (2.5gal). We deliver cleaner, drier, shinier vehicles no matter what delivery system you prefer from your car wash supplier.

Car Wash Profit Solutions

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Diamond Shine Bullseye™ The game changing Car Wash storage and measurement system.

Bullseye™ features a new product line. We pair our familiar 2X car wash chemicals with new Bullseye concentrated chemistry. As a result, it’s easier to manage dilution ratios and provide consistent cost per car and application performance. Furthermore, the 2.5 gallon containers are induction sealed for operator safety. The small size makes maneuvering chemicals simple and easy. With Bullseye, say goodbye to heavy drums!

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Graphene Xtreme The Next Evolution In Ceramics

Graphene Xtreme elevates your car wash packages by offering a level of gloss that will blow your mind. This comprehensive graphene super-sealant provides a strong bond and barrier against nature’s harshest elements. The added protection allows for water and other contaminants to be effortlessly shed from vehicles, so you can deliver a long-lasting, wet-looking shine.

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Graphene Xtreme
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Innovative Fusion Process: Showroom Shine Every Time

Introducing the Fusion Powered Car Wash Tunnel, where cutting-edge chemistry and precision engineering unite to achieve superior shine every time. Elevate customer satisfaction and boost your ticket averages with the game-changing Fusion Process. From prep to restoration, it’s the key to lasting vehicle quality and customer loyalty.

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Create Scentsational Experience with Infusions Fragrances

Infusion fragrance can be easily infused into your car wash to create a sensory journey that keeps customers returning for more. Apply a small amount of the concentrated scent near a car’s air intake to provide a luxurious aroma throughout the tunnel. Welcome customers with a pleasant fragrance and send them off with a fresh, clean scent.

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