Car Wash packages are a very important and strategic element to helping your consumers understand how to best meet their needs. There are a few different items to consider when planning out your car wash packages:

  • How many packages and add-ons to feature
  • How to display the packages and add-ons
  • Which formats require which information

Read on for an overview of each of these elements.

How many packages and add-ons to feature

When thinking about your packages, use the rule of threes. This is a well-known device used in all kinds of arenas, including:

  • political speeches,
  • writing,
  • and advertising.

See what we did there?

The rule of threes is based on the idea that our brains can only comfortably retain three main ideas. Take a look in your everyday life and you will start to notice this concept being used everywhere!

In the car wash industry applying this concept to your menu can help increase cost per car sales. By trimming your menu down to three packages and no more than two add-ons, customers will be able to easily decipher what you are offering and make a crafted choice. A crafted choice is one where you have crafted the offerings to provide the best value to your business’s bottom line and the customer.

Remember, the best packages offer value and clearly explain what is and is not included. If your customer reads a confusing menu and thinks they’re paying for an item that you don’t deliver, you’re in big trouble!

How to display the packages and add-ons

When displaying your packages always put the package that you want customers to purchase the most at the top. Customers read your menu from top to bottom and left to right. car wash packages

When you put your most important package at the top, it becomes the highest priority. Add-ons should be at the bottom of the list so as not to detract from the package information.

You should explain your packages so that there is transparency for your customers as to what is included. However, it is also important not to overwhelm them in this area. Use bullet points and showcase the features that add value and would help in the decision making process.

Which package formats require which information

There are several formats you can use to communicate your packages. In person you can use the wash menu board, a menu next to the register, or even a brochure. Digitally you might feature your wash packages on your website or on social media.

Beware – these are not all created equally! In person, the wash menu board is large and has a lot of space to work with. That doesn’t mean you should clutter it up. Take the rule of three approach and keep it

  • Simple
  • Easy to read
  • Light on detail

If you want to include details, a brochure is typically for people who are interested in more information than a wash menu board can offer. Brochures are a great way to get present information on the types of soap you use or any noteworthy processes you implement.

When it comes to digital, people consume information in bite-sized chunks. Clearly display your packages on your home page and offer a “learn more” button on your web site where you can expand on the details of your offerings. On social media you might want to feature only one package and highlight details for your followers.

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