Looking for new ideas on how to market your car wash?

We have some great ideas for 2017!

Marketing is constantly evolving. The era of putting an ad in the newspaper and calling it a day is long gone. Today, consumers want to engage with your brand in increasingly new and different ways. If you want to stand out, you need to get with the times.

Here are six car wash marketing ideas that will modernize your business and resonate with your customers.

1. Get Social

If you haven’t thrown your hat in the social media ring, there’s no time like the present. As a business to consumer (B2C) facing brand, social media is a great low-cost way to get your business in front of your audience.

If you don’t know where to start, start with Facebook. Facebook is an empire. Over 1.23 billion (that’s with a B!) people use Facebook every day. Five new profiles are created every second.

Use this helpful table to identify where your audinece is on social media.

Make a page, invite all your friends, and start posting.

Because car washes are super visual, Instagram should also be a focus if you can manage more than one account. Post pictures of squeaky clean wheels and your new car wash packages. Ask your customers to post photos next to their clean car or with one of your employees who they had a great experience with. Be sure to ask them to tag you!

The idea is to give a window into the persona of your business and allow people to connect with you. A powerful connection creates interest and excitement for your brand and translates into more visits.

2. Blog, Baby!

Starting a blog and providing information on your expertise is a great way to organically (AKA car wash marketing ideascheaply!) boost your search engine optimization, and increase traffic to your website.

You can use your blog to help position you as an industry leader. Write articles on new items, reviews of different techniques, and more. It can also function as a booster of your overall brand recognition if you choose to feature blogs about the history of the business, employee spotlights, and customer spotlights. Once you post the blogs, don’t forget to push them out to your social media following to complete the loop. The main goal here is to get more people thinking and learning about your business and translate that into more visits on site.

3. Digitize that Location

Are you up to date with Google? A car wash visit is based a lot around location, so ensure that you can be found by updating your Google information.

Google provides a step-by-step resource here.

4. Go mobile

According to Google’s research, more than 50% of search queries in the world are being conducted on mobile devices. A recent report from the firm Hitwise explored this even further. It found that for the U.S. specifically, roughly 58% of overall searches are being done on mobile.

By making sure your website, emails, and any digital presence is mobile friendly, you can be a part of the mobile movement and make it easier for customers to find you.

5. Video is king of content!

In an industry like the car wash industry, you have a huge advantage visually. Soapy, frothy, cars make for striking visual content! A point-of-view video giving viewers a window into what the car experiences during the wash process can be a fun and different way to drive interest in your business. It’s also a great way to showcase marketable features inside your car wash that are otherwise hidden.

Social video has exploded over last year. According to a report by Cisco, by 2019:

  • Video will account for 80 percent of global internet traffic.
  • Nearly a million minutes of video will be shared every second.

Additionally, video can be repurposed at trade shows, on your website or even cut up into blog posts. They make for a very versatile and long lasting investment.

6. Create a charity program

A great way to get new faces to your car wash is to partner with a charity and host a day where if mentioned, a certain amount of the wash ticket goes to that charity. The charity will be motivated to get people to come, and once they do, make sure they have a great experience from start to finish.

Posting this on your digital platforms will give this event a longer shelf life. It also helps humanize your business. People will know you stand for more than just profits and are a part of the community in a larger way.

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