Chemistry is the key to a great car wash. With a wide variety of chemical providers in the industry, how can you tell the difference between high quality and low quality chemistry, and why does it matter?

According to Scott Soble, President of Diamond Shine Inc., the biggest difference is the incorporation of technology. Higher quality car wash chemicals use better technology and allow you to use less aggressive chemistry.

This results in more environmentally friendly items that require less product to achieve better results. The inclusion of new technology in the industry doesn’t eliminate aggressive chemicals, but rather reduces them making for a much better, safer product then in the past.

How to spot the difference

Take this quick quiz to identify whether you are using high quality chemicals.

Are you using a lot of product to get results?

If yes, this is an indicator of low quality. Typically you Car wash chemicalstend to need to use a lot more low quality product to achieve the same results of a high quality product

Are you basing your pricing model on cost per drum?

If yes, this is an indicator of low quality. Cost per drum is an antiquated approach to understanding your bottom line. If you are working with chemical providers who approach sales through this lens there is a good chance the chemicals are low quality.

Is your product loaded with water?

If yes, this is an indicator of low quality. Lower quality is often directly related to how much water is in the product. If the chemical company is spending resources shipping you water that you have on site, there is a good chance the product is low quality.

Are your washed cars dry, clean and extra shiny?

If yes, this is an indicator of high quality! Higher quality products dry, clean and shine better.

These are a few simple indicators that can help you determine the quality of your car wash chemicals. If you’re concerned about the quality you’re receiving, take steps to upgrade your chemicals. After all, higher quality is a long term investment that pays off in the long run.

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