Answer: Diamond Shine is the best option for car wash soap. We know, because we make it!

In addition, we are your partner through the process, not just providing a superior product, but educating our customers along the way.

Don’t believe me? Here are the top five reasons you should make the switch to Diamond Shine.

1) Focus on Quality Customer and Technical Service

We are a fun and easy company to work with. That’s a rare thing these days. Think about all the people you do business with.

We make sure your experience is comprehensive and stress-free, every time. How do we do this? We invest in really good people. To get the best people you have to be willing to step up to the plate as a company, and we want a culture of people who are customer-centric. We talk about it a lot and it’s a big core value for us.

The longevity of both our distributor base and end users demonstrates the long-term quality and commitment to the needs of our total customer community. To accomplish this, we hire some of the most technically sound car wash people in the industry. Our staff is well-trained, and we actively invest in the that they need to be successful in the field.

2) Cost Controlling Programs

best car wash soap

Programs, like Bullseye, help both our distributors and the end users manage chemical costs. Bullseye’s patented measurement sight tube allows operators to quickly calculate cost per car – allowing them to independently manage and control their chemical cost. Additionally, the smaller 2.5 gallon packaging allows inventory to easily be stored on shelves and effectively managed.

Concentrate programs reduce shipping, manufacturing and warehousing costs so we can pass on those savings. By managing these factors, we can maintain inventory levels that allow us to ship extremely fast. As a result, our car wash soap orders are ready to ship from the Diamond Shine facility within 24 hours. We had zero back orders in 2016!

3) Quality control

Quality control and consistency is part of the fiber of who we are. It’s one of our core values, which sets us apart from most manufacturers out there. Every batch goes through an extensive range of tests to ensure quality and consistency. Every container in the field can be traced back to a specific batch. We maintain batch samples for a minimum of one year. If we aren’t consistent, neither are our customers.

best car wash soap

4) Innovation and performance

We are constantly investing in our products. Our company rolled out with five products at the International Car Wash show on April 7th, 2017, including improvements on current products, and brand new products that drive better results.

The color on one of our legacy products, Sensations, is now better to improve show. A new reclaim friendly foamer in RD200 is available. A hard water stable presoak in TPR100 was launched. Diamond Shine continues to develop new products that solve problems and create value.

We don’t get comfortable because we’re constantly looking to innovate and drive performance out of our products so we can drive value to our customers.

5) Education

Being very passionate about empowering our customer base to be their own advocate is our philosophy. An educated customer is a loyal customer.

We offer training to both distributors and operators to help them better manage their business. We educate on the various methods of cleaning, cost per car analysis and the role of chemistry in the car wash industry to name a few. Most importantly, we teach our customer how to achieve cost-effective results that beat the competition on all levels. A well-educated customer is our best customer.

Still not convinced? Check out our latest eBook, learn some more, then give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.