This information is based on an interview with Heath Pomerantz – Business Development Manager for Diamond Shine. As a manufacturer, Diamond Shine often encounters customers looking to purchase chemical directly from us because they believe it to be the best option for their business. However, in most cases this does not hold true.
Are you getting clean, dry, and shiny cars with your touchless car wash every time? For best results when operating a touchless wash, Diamond Shine’s Managing  Director of Business Development Ryan Cook recommends considering five main cleaning factors. Before you start, be sure to build a good foundation for your car wash by aligning yourself with a good service provider (Ryan can help with that). Then follow these tips to ensure you know how to diagnose and fix potential pitfalls.
Training is a huge part of owning and operating a successful car wash. With 12 years of experience in the car wash industry, and a background in direct and technical sales before that, Colorado Springs car wash owner Dave Begin knows a thing or 10 about training. He was gracious enough to sit down and share some of his top tips for car wash training.
I have vivid memories of my grandpa washing his convertible in the driveway on Sunday afternoons.  The time and care he would take.  The buckets of sudsy water and pile of drying cloths sitting on the grass as he carefully groomed his prized possession. 
Every piece of car wash equipment is going to need some form of maintenance schedule or routine. Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or bi-annual, even walls and floors should be on a cleaning schedule! Keeping your investments in good shape will keep them running well for years to come.
Spare parts play a HUGE role in the car wash industry.  There are a lot of durable or high wear and tear items involved in running a car wash. Having the right inventory of car wash parts and understanding how quickly you can get critical components locally will help you maximize uptime and keep the cars coming!
Looking for new ideas on how to market your car wash? We have some great ideas for 2017! Marketing is constantly evolving, and the era of putting an ad in the newspaper and calling it a day is long gone. Today, consumers want to engage with your brand in increasingly new and different ways. If you want to stand out, you need to get with the times. Here are six car wash marketing ideas that will modernize your business and resonate with your customers.  
Are you measuring your chemicals using cost per gallon (CPG) or cost per car (CPC)? Which do you think is more effective?
Answer: Diamond Shine is the best option for car wash soap. We know, ‘cause we make it!